15 Expectations You Must let go as a Consultant

By Victoria. Published on Thursday September 8, 2022

Getting a client is easy

This is never guaranteed. Just because you think you are a guru in your niche doesn’t mean you are the best. Many other people have the same skills and abilities as you.

Consultancy work is better than employment

Not everyone can be a consultant and not everyone can be employed. We all have different goals in life and if you choose to be a consultant doesn’t mean you look down on everyone else who is employed. You may decide to go back to employment after tasting the waters of consultancy.

Consultancy work pays

Different clients have different budgets. Not everyone charges the same for the same type of work.

Once you become a consultant there is no turning back

People change and you are allowed to change too. No one is expected to remain the same at all times. Once you let go of this and a better-paying job comes your way the only person you should listen to about taking the job is yourself.

Being a consultant is not working

You will be surprised by the number of hours you may find yourself working or the number of clients you have. Being a consultant is a job and not a vacation.

Consultancy work is flexible

This highly depends on the clients you get and what you want. You can do an 8 to 5 job as a consultant because it depends on who your client is. The difference is you could be working from home and not at the client’s offices.

You don’t have time to rest

Being a consultant doesn’t mean you break your back. Rest is important as the important work you are doing. Always take care of your mental and physical health.

You must be a huge consultancy brand to get clients

This is not guaranteed. You could be a huge brand but your skills are not what the ideal client you want is looking for. A consultant who just started may get the job because the prospective client finds them to fit within their values.

Being a consultant is for the brave

Anyone can be a consultant. Your skills and expertise are what matters.

You can control your clients

If you want disappointments then try this and see what happens. You might end up leaving the consultancy field. You can’t control how your clients think. You are there to provide a service and not make them think differently.

You will make it once you get a huge client or deal

You have already made it by getting one client no matter how big or small they may be. All these depend on your perspective of being a consultant. At the end of the day what you want to achieve is set by you. You can also get a really good client then life happens and all the money you earn goes into something unexpected.

You can work alone

Unless you are working on something solely there is no way you will work alone. You have clients and brands who you can work with. You also need to ask for help when you don’t understand something.

There is always work

Expecting to have constant work all year round will lead to depression. The consultancy landscape is different and if you don’t look for a job or even build your networks within your niche, you will not be guaranteed to have a constant flow of income all year round.

Consultants retire early

Nothing is guaranteed when you become a consultant. You could retire at 30 or even at 50 and maybe become a consultant all your life because you enjoy what you are doing. Your goals as a consultant are all that matter in the end.

Consultants get to travel all the time

Depending on the niche you are in, you may not even get to travel for work soon. You could have clients from a different country but never get the opportunity to travel. It is not guaranteed and not anything you should always look forward to.