5 Ways to Win a Consultancy Contract

By Victoria. Published on Monday September 19, 2022

Looking for a consultancy gig is not as simple as it may seem. In some cases, you can be referred to by a client, but this is not guaranteed. Just like applying for a job, many consultancy positions require one to apply. Some consultancy contracts are also advertised on job listing platforms. In almost all instances you will need to sell your skills and expertise from the onset. In this blog, we will look at what you need to do to get a consultancy contract.

Analyse your strengths and do your research 

Review and do your research on the terms of the consultancy contract, the client and the niche you are applying in. Focus on your strengths, the services you can achieve and the skills you will provide based on the research you have done. Analyse everything beforehand and how you can apply these in the application.

Be simple and precise

As you review the tender/consultancy documents, there is no need to complicate your application as the documents may have done. Make your application simple. This will increase the confidence of your clients in your understanding of the services required.  As a consultant, you are meant to provide services that the client needs and being able to showcase this in line with the tender documents is a win.

Get a referral

In most cases, contracts require at least two to three examples of the work you have done in the past. Which clients have you worked with before? Don’t be afraid to reach out to them and ask for a referral. Include your past successes and remember your previous or current experiences should be relevant to the application.

Know your unique value proposition

What is the value you will bring and what will the client gain? Clients want to hire someone they know will bring value to their organisation or business. You should be able to demonstrate this in how you write and articulate your application.

Review your application

Before you send out your application, review it one last time for any grammatical errors. Make sure your application is answering the clients’ questions. Finally, remember to send the application on time.