What to consider before quitting your job

By Victoria. Published on Monday December 26, 2022

Do you want to quit your job and become a full-time consultant? Do you have the itch to pursue your career outside full-time employment? Are you making more money as a consultant than you are being employed? Do you feel you are not achieving your life goal through employment? If you answered yes to any of these questions let’s discuss crucial aspects to consider before leaving your current job.

How much do you value flexibility?

If you are looking to have a flexible lifestyle then jumping into consultancy may work for you. Being a consultant allows you to be flexible with not only your time but even where you work and the type of work you can take on.

How much do you value autonomy?

Are you great at doing assignments on your own without requiring supervision? As a consultant, you will need to set deadlines, schedule meetings and accomplish tasks all on your own. You need to be your biggest motivator during the flawless days and discipline yourself during the challenging days.

Do you prefer to work in an established structure or make your own?

Being a consultant could entail setting your policies. It requires you to be your boss in every aspect. From accounting to the legal framework to even human resources when dealing with clients or even when you decide to recruit someone or work with someone on a project. If these are aspects you are willing to make on your own there is no need to fret.

Are you willing to network to find new clients?

As a consultant, it’s your sole responsibility to look for clients and gigs. Whether this means attending events or workshops within your area of interest or reaching out to former clients or colleagues. Networking is how you will get the clients you want and require.

Are you organised?

Can you be able to be an accountant, secretary and even project manager on your own? Being organised is a critical skill you will need for anything not to fall through the cracks. This can be easily managed with scheduling applications to remind you what needs to get done. If you will be able to manage this, you will hack consultancy effortlessly.

How much do you value knowing how much you will earn?

If financial security is your immediate goal, it is not guaranteed that being a consultant will achieve this, especially in the beginning. The income received may not be consistent nor will the time you get paid. In some months you may not have a client while in other months you will. If you are willing to be content with knowing this, then you can consider quitting a job with a steady income.