Rewards Worth the Risk in Consulting: Freedom

By Victoria. Published on Monday January 2, 2023

We have previously discussed the pros of being a consultant. Let’s discuss one of the benefits in detail starting with the freedom to choose. From where you work to whom you work with to your time.

You can work multiple roles

As a full-time employee, you have contracts you must abide by. Most contracts stop you from associating with another company. However, when you are working in the gig economy, you may have numerous contracts that don’t bind you to one company. You can have multiple jobs at the same time and thus multiple income streams since you are aid based on targets and projects.

You can be your own boss

Who doesn’t like working on their own? As a consultant, you get to make decisions in terms of what you can take on and what you cannot. You also get to decide where you work. Being your own boss also means holding yourself accountable for everything that you do. Planning things by yourself may seem difficult if you are not used to it but if it is something you are good at then it will work for you. You get to decide your space, your own boundaries and your own rules especially when you have been in the business for a long time.

You can decide your own time schedule

When you are a freelancer, you work within your own schedule. If you like working at night or in the evening, this will prove very beneficial for you. You no longer have to feel like your days or time are wasted. If you have children, you can begin working when they take a nap or when they are off to school. You have the flexibility to decide when to work to meet your goals and targets. Can work a few days a week when you set your priorities and boundaries clearly.

You can work anywhere

Whether you decide to work while you explore a different country or city or are thinking of relocating or even working full-time from home. You are not bound by a geographical location. You don’t have the pressure to live in a congested urban area because of work if you enjoy the quietness outside the city boundaries.