6 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

By theconsultant. Published on Wednesday July 6, 2022

Are you struggling to complete tasks on time? Are you feeling like you are not achieving your daily goals? Do you have so much to do yet so little time? Are there tasks you are holding off because you think you can do them later? Procrastinating is a habit most of us go through at one point or another. As a consultant, you can be prone to procrastinating on tasks, especially if you feel they could either take a short time to accomplish or long and tiresome. How can you break this habit, become more productive, and feel satisfied and accomplished?

Set yourself clear goals

Be very specific when setting your goals. There is no need to set unrealistic goals that will be very difficult to achieve, especially in the short term. While setting goals is crucial, the one way to ensure that your goals are achieved is to take action. For example, let’s say you have a strategy document to write for your clients. The document was discussed weeks ago and the way forward with deadlines was set, but you kept it off every single time. Anxiety builds up and when the deadline approaches, that’s when you rush to complete it. What you held off for a long time is now here and you are rushing to complete it. All this time, you would have accomplished the task a long time ago if you had taken action, and you would not have been anxious about it.

Put your phone away

Scrolling through your phone while you are trying to achieve your goals is next to impossible. Imagine spending 3 hours checking your messages and social media. Scrolling through the endlessness of social media whose algorithm is wired to show you what you like. Yet you could have spent the same amount of time accomplishing a task you have been holding off for quite some time.


Look at your daily, weekly or/and monthly tasks and determine what needs to be done first. Consider the level of importance of all your tasks and activities. Also, avoid doing more than one task at a time. It’s important to focus on one task and then move to the next one. Eventually, everything will get done.

Get an accountability partner

Knowing that there is someone to be accountable to will come in handy when you fall back. This person needs to be someone you can trust and will be kind and stern at the same time. Someone with whom you are not afraid to share your vulnerabilities and failures. Someone who will remind you to get off the phone and get on with the task.

Reward yourself after learning

After going through the week or even a day having accomplished all your tasks remember to reward yourself. You deserve it.

Take scheduled breaks

Always schedule breaks within your day. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself doing task after task continuously without taking any breaks. Doing this will only lead to burnout.

How do you stop procrastinating? Share with us and let’s assist each other to become more productive.