6 Consultancy Mistakes you are Making

By Victoria. Published on Monday January 30, 2023

Have you been doing the same thing expecting different results? Is there something you are doing that is not making sense to you? Could you do something different that will eventually make a difference? Let’s look at some common mistakes you may be making as a consultant or freelancer and how you can make a change.

Not knowing how to price your services

You may be charging very low compared to the amount of work you are doing. Perhaps you haven’t researched the market to understand what others get paid for the work you do. For instance, a baker would not price a cake at a loss – where the ingredients used, time taken and the electricity consumed may result in a loss when a cake is prized very low. It’s crucial to know the market value and your worthiness while being in line with your financial goals.

Accepting more than you can handle

Burnout! This is what you will experience after some time when you want to have your cake and eat it. When you are working so hard to build your business by taking everything that comes your way, especially those with low returns. Be very mindful of the load of work you can take on at any given period. It’s crucial to add rest to your routine as much as you want to achieve your goals.

Working for free

Unless you have set yourself as a volunteer to help other people achieve their goals with your skillset, you have no business doing anything for free. It’s important to be paid for the work you do unless it’s a learning process or a huge networking opportunity. Regardless, there should be a benefit that you will add value to your consulting or freelancing business.

Offering discounts

Again, your services don’t need discounts, especially in the first years. Be considerate of the number of profits you are making and whether giving out discounts will benefit you in the long run. You may want to give discounts because everyone else in your niche is doing it or it’s the season of discounts. But how much will that cost you?

Horrible communication skills

Communication is a major aspect of life in general. But when you have to sell yourself to current and future clients, this skill will become vital in building relationships and networks. Communication skills help you to engage with others and also find out aspects of your clients – both future and present, you may not know. It also aids your networking skill which is very important as a freelancer or consultant. In addition, it builds confidence and connection. You never know whom you may be talking to. It could be your next big client.

Assuming you know everything

No one knows everything. Ask questions. Admit it when you have no idea. Be truthful and honest. Acknowledging that you know nothing is not a weakness, it is a great strength as you will appear to be a very genuine and holistic person. There is no such thing as a stupid question. Be curious at all times even with the most mundane of questions.