3 Important Aspects that Could Scale your Consulting Business

By Victoria. Published on Monday October 3, 2022

When you decide to resign from your job to start consulting, pursue your consulting business, or maybe consider consulting as a side hustle, some people will think you are in between jobs. This is not an opinion that you should listen to. It is an old way of thinking that may make you less visible to clients because your mindset is shadowed by what other people may consider being the norm. Instead, you can choose to take your consulting business seriously by doing the following simple yet important aspects.

Have a website and business cards

In today’s technological world, it’s very easy to build your own website – even for free, and create your own business cards. Through sites like WordPress or Wix, you can easily build your own website using the available templates. Consider your website as an online profile where your potential clients can be able to see what you have done before. Through sites like Canva, you can easily create a business card from the free templates available. Gone are the days when you had to get a design to create a business card or website for yourself. You can create a business card by yourself and send it to print with little effort on your side and money saved especially as you start.

Establish a social media presence

As a consulting business, you will need to develop a strong social media presence. Work on your LinkedIn profile and make it stand out. Your potential clients could be on LinkedIn and when they look at your profile they need to see how serious you are. You will also need to research the other social media platforms where you could share what you know – your skills and expertise, in a format that is in line with the type of content that is shared on the various social media platforms.

Believe in yourself

Don’t let your clients or potential clients doubt you. Don’t doubt yourself. It is important as a consultant to believe in yourself and to know your worth. You have all the tools you need to be a consultant and provide the needed skills and expertise to your clients, both current and potential clients.